Signature Loans8.00% – 28.00%0 – 60
New Auto Loans1.75% – 17.00%Up to 84
Used Auto Loans1.75% – 17.00%Up to 84
Credit Card Rates8.99% – 18.00%REVOLVING
Share Secured Loans2%+Share Dividend Rate or 3.50%

All rates, terms, fees, and processing charges are subject to change without notice. All loans are subject to credit approval. Performance levels are determined by credit ratings and other criteria. For updated information, please contact the Credit Union at (601) 354-6544. All quoted loan rates are APR rates (annual percentage rates).


Shares (Savings)$1000.010.1%0.1%Quarterly
Shares (Savings)$5,000.010.2%0.2%Quarterly
Shares (Savings)$20,000.01 & up0.3%0.3%Quarterly
Share Certificate (CD): 6 Months$500.000.05%0.05%Quarterly
Share Certificate (CD): 12 Months$500.000.10%0.10%Quarterly
Share Certificate (CD): 24 Months$500.000.20%0.20%Quarterly
Share Certificate (CD): 36 Months$500.000.35%0.35%Quarterly
Share Certificate (CD): 48 Months$500.000.35%0.35%Quarterly
Share Certificate (CD): 60 Months$500.000.35%0.35%Quarterly

All rates, terms, fees and processing charges are subject to change without notice. For updated information, please contact the Credit Union at (601) 354-6544.

FEE SCHEDULE – Effective: May 26, 2020  

Fee TypeFee DescriptionAmount
Non Sufficient Funds (Check/ACH)Charged when an automated item attempts to clear a share draft or savings account, by check or ACH, and there are insufficient funds to cover the item, whether paid or not.$30.00
Returned Deposit Item (Check/ACH Deposit)Charged for deposit/payments that are returned to the credit union stamped “Non Sufficient Funds”, “Account Closed” or other reasons.$25.00*
Stop Payment Member Check or ACH ItemCharged when the CU places a stop payment order on a check drawn on a member share draft account or an ACH item drawn on a member share draft.$30.00
Stop Payment CU CheckCharged when the CU places a stop payment on a credit union issued check.$36.00
CU CheckFirst 2 CU check free in month all other charged$5.00
Statement CopyCharged when the CU makes a copy of an account statement$5.00
Account ResearchCharged when the CU performs account research$20.00 hour
Statement ReconcilementCharged when the CU reconciles a member statement$20.00 hour
ATM/Debit card replacementCharged when the CU orders a replacement card$7.00
PIN ReplacementCharged when the CU orders a new PIN for member$5.00
ATM WithdrawalCharged for withdrawals except at MS DHS FCU’s ATM$2.50
Money OrdersCharged for each money order$1.00
Visa Over Credit LimitCharged when a VISA Credit Card balance goes over the approved credit limit$25.00
VISA DocumentationCharged when CU must obtain VISA Card documentation$12.00
VISA Replacement CardCharged when the CU orders a replacement VISA Credit Card$65.00
VISA Late FeeCharged if payment is more than 25 days late$25.00
VISA Pay by PhoneCharged for VISA Payment by telephone$10.00
VISA Returned PaymentCharged for returned check for payment on VISA$25.00
Christmas Club WithdrawalCharged for withdrawal from a Christmas Club prior to the end of the Christmas Club term (Term withdrawals are scheduled for November 1st)$25.00
Excess Share WithdrawalCharged for more than 2 withdrawals from shares in one month$5.00
Loan Application FeeAll loans (NON-REFUNDABLE).  No credit check loan application fee is only $20.00.$25.00
Dormant Account FeeCharged to member account with no activity for 365 days. Excludes accounts that have an active, checking, club, certificate, or loan account.$10.00/month

Due to the announcement of federal stimulus funds, the Credit Union phone lines are very busy, causing long wait times. We apologize for that and encourage you to access your information through our website or the mobile app to see your stimulus funds' status. Please know that your stimulus payment will be available to you the moment that the Federal Government changes the status – we wish we could control that, but we are not able to. As soon as the Government changes the funds from “Pending” to “Available” on your account, the funds will be available for your use. We appreciate your business and understanding on this matter. Please remain careful and safe during these difficult times. You are the best credit union members in the world, and we look forward to serving you in the future.